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Rattlesnake Dam Removal

The Rattlesnake Dam was removed in Sept. 2020, providing a clean, and free flowing creek beginning from the above wilderness, not far from Missoula.

“We’ve added 10 miles of migration territory for the fish,” Roberts said. “We’re going to restructure this place to the point that in five years, nobody ever realizes there were man made structures here.”

Bolting Ban in Bitterroot National Forest

The “temporary” suspension on fixed anchor development was intended to bring climbers and activists together for public input on creating a climbing management plan with the Forest Service that would require prior consent before bolting on rocks throughout all of the forest

“I’m just confused and don’t see why [the suspension] is necessary. It’s kind of a blindside to newer climbers hoping to develop new routes,” said Harrison Schutt, a UM student and climbing instructor at Campus Recreation.
Pushing Boundaries

It is done at extreme heights, anywhere from 50 feet to thousands of feet above the ground. The line is one inch in diameter, and flat to help with balance.

“I like slacklining because it makes me happy, and I’ve met many friends from it,” Steffe said. “I like it because it gets me outside and active and I love the community.”

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